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Dedicated 65W notebook power supply for ASUS


  • Power supply with automatic voltage selection
  • Complete with a 4.8*1.7mm connector; 4.0*1.35mm; 2.5*0.7mm; 5.5*2.1mm
  • Compatible with: Compaq Evo Series; N110 , N150,N200,N400c, N410c, N600c,N610c, N620c, N800,N800c, N800v,N800w; Compaq Armada Series;110,110s,,E300,E500,E500s,E700,M300, M500,M700,V300; Compaq Presario 900,1700, ZZ00, Z800, B1000,B2000,B3000, M2000, V1000, V2000, V2100,V22OO,V2300, V2400, VZ500, V2600, VZ700,V3000,V3100, V3300, V3300,V350,V340,V340,V340,V340, V4000,V6000, V6100, V6200, V6300,V6400,V6500Series;HP Pavillion DV1000, DV1100, DV1200,DV1300,DV1400,DV1500, DV1600,DV1700, DV2000,DV2100, DV4000, DV6000,DV6100、DV6500、DV6600, DV8000, DV8200, DV8300,DV9000,DV9100,DV9200, DV9300,DV9400. DV9500, DV9600, DV9700, DV9800, DV9900, DX6600 SeriesZT3000, ZT3200, ZT3300, HP Compaq ZE2000, ZE2100, ZE2200.ZE2300,ZE2400,X1000,X1100,X1200, X1300, X, X1500 Series; Tablet PC TC1000, TC1100, MZOOO, TC4Z00 Series; Business, Notebook NC4000, NC4010, NC4Z00 Ø NC6000, NX6110, NC6120, NC6zz0, IX6Z30, NC8000, NC8230, NW8000, NWBZ00, NX7, NX7, NX nx8220,nx9000,nx9020.nx9030,nx9040 series
  • Compatible with ASUS
  • ASUS:19V,2.1A Eee PC 1005HA,1008HA,1101HA,1104HA,1106H
  • With overheat, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Stops charging when the battery is fully charged